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Posters: Fashion

Papa says he can't help

Papa says he can't help feeling stylish in "Lion Brand" Shirts, Collars and Cuffs.

Trade Mark.

United Shirt & Collar Co., Makers, Troy, N. Y.
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Bear Brand

Luxury Stockings.
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Beau Brummel

Tailored Coats.
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Coat sets, blazers, gym frocks

"Satisfaction" guaranteed garments.

For boys up to 6.

For girls up to 16.
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Children's Woollies.

Two-Four YEars.

Special "Jaeger Twins" offer.
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Lingerie for the family.
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Au Tapis Rouge

Le Succès.
Costume Complet. Corsage drap. Jupe lainage Écossais.
27 f.

Le Triomphe.
Drap Peluche Ciselée.
21 f.

Primes aux Acheteurs.

Exposition Au Tapis Rouge.
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Fully Fashioned


The wonder yarn.
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They call wear Wood Milne Rubber Heels.

They save half the boot bill.
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Wood Milne

Wood Milne Rubber Heels.

The Best for General Wear.

Awarded gold metal at every exhibition.
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The Most Admired Bathing Girls Wear.

Faultless Bathing Caps.
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glimmer for glamour...

with Jantzen "shape insurance".

Best of all swim suits.

Nothing does as much for a body as a Jantzen.
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Paris presents the Mode

Paris presents the Mode and warns against two enemies of the new sports fabrics.

In the lovely clothes being worn at Biarritz, Paris couturiers present the new sports mode. Giving them to the world's smartly dressed women, they add a warning: to keep such flower-like woolens soft and smart you must guard them from two unseen enemies

...from rubbing which mats and shrinks sensitive wool fibres.

...from the injurious alkali in many soaps -- cakes, chips or flakes -- which fades colors, makes soft woolen textures stiff and harsh.

Lux saves your precious clothes from these two threatening enemies. Its tissue-thin diamonds contain no harmful alkali.

With Lux there is no ruinous rubbing ...just rich, bubbling suds that make the new sports woolens not extravagant but a part of every woman's wardrobe. Lever Bros. Co., Cambridge, Mass.

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Weather-Bird Romps on Ruffy Rain

Good-Looking Protection Against the Weather!


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Demand Buster Brown Hosiery

Wears longer!

For years you've known Buster Brown stockings -- probably you've bought them for your children. You know how exceedingly well they wear. But did you know you can get the same hosiery satisfaction from Buster Brown Hosiery for your entire family -- the same careful shaping, lasting color and -- most important -- long wear?

for Men.
for Women.
for Children.
for Wear!

Make sure you get the genuine!
Look for this seal on every pair.
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Compliments of John Mundell & Co.


Solar Tip & Pansy.

Shoes for Children.

The best sole leather tip made.
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Burkart's Sons'

Fine Shoes, 65 Ewen Street, Brooklyn, E. D.

Copyright by A. B. Sesley 1881.
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"Right on top"

The "Master Polish" for boots.
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"Tere'll be Such a Shine in a Minute"

Wren & Cos.

Boot & Shoe Polish.
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There's real comfort in

Polished with Cherry Blossom.
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Phillips. "Stick-a-Soles"

Double the life of your shoes.
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Wood Milne Shoeshine

And you get a good shine every morning.
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Erect Form Corsets

The Newest Erect Form
is a wonderful advance in the science of stay building. Shaped very deep over the abdomen and hips, and cut away sharply between in a pointed effect, so as to afford perfect freedom, thus vastly improving the Long Hip type of corset. This same feature prevents any ridges or wrinkles at the hip and assures smooth-setting skirts. The latest Erect Form is positively the most perfect fitting corset ever placed on the market. All dealers sell the following models:

Erect Form 919. $1.00.

Erect Form 929. $1.50.

Erect Form 926. $1.00.

Erect Form 930. $2.00.

Erect Form 924. $1.00.

Erect Form 921. $3.00.

Weingarten Bros., Dept. Q, 377-379 Broadway, New York.
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Milson Knitwear

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Elastic bust reducer.

Makes you measure two to four inches LESS the minute you put it on.

It fits the figure so snugly, gives so much of that satisfying support and comfort, you'll think it was made just for you.

Light, Cool, Elegant, Comfortable, Durable, Washable.

The ideal foundation (patented) for dress or negligee, and indispensable for all forms of outdoor recreation.
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